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(STATEN ISLAND, NY) - Former Congressman Michael Grimm today called upon Congress to support President Trump’s call to terminate the Diversity Lottery program that permitted alleged terrorist Sayfullo Saipov to immigrate to the United States - and urged his opponent, Rep. Dan Donovan, to support legislation that addresses the underlying issue of an out-of-control immigration system.


Saipov, a native of Uzbekistan, was admitted into the United States in 2010 using a passport displaying a diversity immigrant visa. On Tuesday, he drove a rental truck into a crowded bike path in New York City, killing 8 and wounding many more, and declared his support for the Islamic extremist group ISIS.


"The diversity visa lottery is a foolish way to let people enter our country and I strongly support the President and Senator Cotton’s immigration reform plan, namely the RAISE Act, in part because it seeks to eliminate the program," Grimm said. "Diversity visas do not serve the interests of the American people and never have since they became law in the 1990’s."


"Rather than securing our sovereignty and implementing common-sense reforms, Dan Donovan has been co-sponsoring legislation promoting amnesty and uncontrolled chain migration," Grimm said. "I urge Donovan to immediately support efforts in the House not only to end the diversity lottery visa program and implement the President's immigration plan, but to also remove his name from amnesty measures such as the BRIDGE and RAC Acts."


"President Trump wants merit-based immigration, and I agree with him 100 percent," Grimm said. "We must consider our citizens' security and well-being first and foremost, and admit applicants based on merit, security risk, and their ability to enhance the U.S. overall and improve the economy."


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