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"Nash Dom" (OUR HOME) media celebrate 20 years!

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 Дата: 20.11.2023 06:28
Автор: Igor Baboshkin

20 years ago the first issue of the 80-page newspaper “OUR HOME STATEN ISLAND” was published.
The newspaper immediately gained popularity, and literally soon the publishing house “Nash Dom” began publishing newspapers in other States:

     “Our Home Boston”
     “Our Home New Jersey”
     “Our Home Miami”
     “Our Home Chicago”
     “Our Home Minnesota”

Newspapers in various States quickly began to cooperate with us, for which the first and last 14 pages changed:

     “Poleznaya Gazeta” – “Useful newspaper” ("Useful newspaper in New York and Philadelphia)
     “Our voice” (“Nash Voice”) in Maryland”
     “Panorama Charlotte”
     “Odessa on the Hudson” (“Odessa on the Hudson” with its constant publisher and our Friend Boris Talis)
     "Fortuna" in Massachusetts

In 2007, the publishing house “Nash Dom” opened a new business - IPTV - over 200 television channels from Eastern Europe and Israel.

In 2008,“Nash Dom” began publishing the glossy color 80-page magazine “Compatriots in America,” which was published until the end of 2014, covering the cultural life of Russian-speaking organizations in America.
Today we continue our activities to inform compatriots around the world about events in the USA and in the world in Russian language.
Some of our materials are published in English in a section marked with the American flag.
Over these 20 years, the publishing house “Nash Dom” has taken an active part in organizing public events in our community with the participation of famous politicians.
One of the most striking events that we co-organized was the Festival in 2008, which brought together over 12,000 of our fellow citizens and which the American press called: “Russian Explosion on Staten Island.”

For its active participation in public life, the publishing house received many certificates of gratitude:
From the New York City Council, from the public organization HIAS, from the US Congress.