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Elections in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida: The traces lead to Kremlin

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 Дата: 22.11.2022 07:15
The Mayoral election in Sunny Isles Beach Florida were pulled by such strings that we did not expect. International lawyers have joined the game and are demanding that the investigation be closed. This suggested that we were digging in the right direction.
So, let's find out. Actors and performers:
Dana Robin Goldman is a Democrat, the current Mayor of the small town of Sunny Isles Beach, located on the islands,
Dana is eager for power, the cash injection into her election campaign is incommensurate with the position for which she is aiming. Behind this are standing large, interested corporations.
During the elections on November 8, 2022, special activity could be seen at polling stations where Russian-speaking agitators appeared, who clearly violated the Election Law and campaigned for Dana Goldman in the most brazen way - up to what they claimed - Dana Goldman is a member of the Republican Party!
Although we all know that Dana Goldman is absolutely a left-wing Democrat from the Biden team. But even such brazen agitation did not help and a member of the Republican Party, Larisa Svechin, scored more votes than Dana Goldman.
Political activist Malka Shahar witnessed the violations at the polling stations. We learned a lot of interesting things from her.
In particular, we learned about some of the activists on Dana Goldman's team.
Surprisingly or maybe not, these people, as it turned out, have a connection with the Kremlin.
A simple layman will ask the question: what does the Kremlin care about the elections in some small town in Florida?
Well, first of all, Florida is a favorite place of Russian oligarchs, and not only. Russian companies are engaged in construction here, among other things.
In 2018, private investigator Steve Dudnick (real name Steve Cohen) was caught spying on Miami's political leadership. In whose interests one can only guess. But, it was then that the leadership of Miami opposed the construction of a multi-storey building by a Russian company on the territory of the golf course. To collect incriminating information, a private Russian-speaking agency was involved.
Who requested? Read above.
The story went public in the American press.
Today, we can only suspect what is planned in the coming years on the island, where, in particular, Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov and other oligarchs have an apartment.
Let's go back to today.
As soon as Malka Shahar voiced her concerns about Kremlin interference in the election, she immediately received a letter from an international lawyer from Manhattan. Threats were also made against a journalist in Israel who published a video interview with Malka.
Would you say it's all random?
The interview was conducted on Sunday, and on Tuesday, two not very well-known e-mails of Malka received a letter from a lawyer from Manhattan, Oleg Rivkin.
We will return to him later, but for now we will tell you about the candidate for the post of Mayor, whom they rushed to defend at a high level.
There is such a bouquet of information that reading will not be boring!
Information for Reflection: Mayoral Nominee - Democrat Dana Robin Goldman
This information about Dana is taken from the company's website where she receives a salary for working as an adviser. Yes, you heard right: Officially, Ms. Goldman works in a law firm where she receives a salary. And she serves as Mayor sometimes when there is a need to make some very important decision.
What kind of decision? Let's take a look at Dana's website at Shutts & Bowen law firm in Miami, where 300 other attorneys are working!

Here's what it says about her responsibilities on the Shutts & Bowen website:
Dana represents national and regional homebuilders with the development of their condominiums and planned development communities, including covenant drafting, special disclosures, Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares and Mobile Homes (Condominium) and Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act) filings and secondary mortgage market financing.
Dana is currently serving a two-year term as Commissioner for the City of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.
But in the last phrase on the site there is an error!
Commissioner Dana Goldman changed her position to Mayor ten months ago, which the company forgot to mention. Or maybe they didn't forget. Because if you point out that the same person receives orders from the construction firms with one hand to promote their interests, and in the other hand holds a pen to approve these orders, then, to put it mildly, this is called a conflict of interest. And in some cases, this qualifies as corruption.
Therefore, receiving large contributions from corporations to the election campaign of Dana Goldman raises a lot of questions.
Let's leave Dana Goldman for a moment to reflect: Why the company ignored her promotion, and let's go back to the Manhattan lawyer.
Oleg Rivkin, Attorney
Member, Committee on International Arms Control and Security Affairs, 1995-1998
The ROONEY website states: In international arbitration, Mr. Rivkin represents both U.S. and foreign companies in all major courts, as well as in ad hoc arbitrations. He has served as an arbitrator of international disputes in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean under the auspices of arbitration organizations such as the International Center for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), the American Arbitration Association; (AAA) International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.
At first, we were surprised that a well-known lawyer rushed to protect the Kremlin's interests literally within 24 hours. But, then we dug around and found that the name Oleg Rivkin is also listed among the participants of the Forum of Compatriots at the Russian Embassy in Washington in April 2006 (although we cannot say that this is the same Oleg Rivkin, and the photo of the participant of the 2006 Congress is old, but we have accurate information of THAT Rivkin, in case someone wants to make sure), but we were interested in the lawyer's connection with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, as stated in his profile. At least because the chairman of this organization, Sergei Katyrin, is approved for the post by the President of Russia, and in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation, Katyrin entered the list of Vladimir Putin's confidants.
And again, we are not asserting anything, but simply using open sources, looking for threads that can connect a lawyer from New York with the Church of St. Matron of Moscow in Florida, whose leadership was obtained personally from the hands of Patriarch Kirill in Moscow (more on this little later).
So, Malka Shahar received a letter from lawyer Oleg Rivkin, NY in relation to Ivan Bely (Ivan Belya, Florida) demanding, to put it mildly, to abandon the use of such labels against Ivan Beli as "Agent of Vladimir Putin" fulfilling the "orders of the Kremlin" and the like.
Naturally, we not only turned to Malka, but also dug into other documents to understand: why did an international lawyer suddenly take it upon himself to watch a 30-minute YouTube broadcast from Israel, then spent time analyzing, compiling a letter, sending it by registered mail with a notification, and, catching up, by e-mail (digging previously out two e-mail addresses of Malka).
For some reason, it seemed to us that a lawyer of this level earns money incompatible with the defense of a little-known clergyman from distant Florida, who buys a house for $ 100 despite the fact that he is accused of ... to be continued.
So, Ivan Belya (Florida)
A very interesting character, especially since such a fuss was created around him from New York!
Much has been written on church websites about Archpriest Alexander Beli, the father of Archimandrite Alexander and Ivan, who broke off relations with the Russian Church Abroad, receiving an appointment from the hands of Kirill on the basis of fake documents.
As a cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, Belya was known for evading diocesan dues and bringing clergy to America without proper paperwork. His brother was also involved in serious crimes, including trafficking in women, according to the website of the Russian Orthodox Church.
The brother here is Ivan Belya, according to Orthodox priests.
It was worthy for Dana Goldman to come to this church and present them with certificates!
2019.7.16 Alexander received a personal audience with Patriarch Kirill in Moscow during which he was appointed to an ecclesiastical position in Florida - rector of the Church of st. Matrona of Moscow.
However, according to the court records, Metropolitan of the abroad Church Hilarion claims that this appointment occurred as a result of forged documents.
The fact that Patriarch Kirill and Vladimir Putin are, roughly, like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, is no secret to anyone. Moreover, in New York, we already have experience of communicating with church "ministers" of this type, for example, Igor Kochan, who pretends to be a minister of the Russian Orthodox Church, runs around New York in military uniform with the flags of the Russian Federation and organizes military gatherings with military weapons on church territory (we even have a video of this gathering).