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 Дата: 28.03.2017 12:40



A column from Assemblyman Ron Castorina (R,C,I,Ref-South Shore)


Annually, New York ranks as one of the worst business environments in the nation. With some of the highest property tax rates, individual income tax rates, and sales tax rates,coupled with red tape and burdensome regulations,New York’s economic policy does not afford businesses the opportunity to succeed. To no surprise, entrepreneurs, business owners and nonprofits no longer see New York as the right place for them. Instead we see stifled innovation, growth, and an outward migration of our state’s businesses. Not only that, new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau shows New Yorkers moving out of state at a rate greater than that of the last two years. 


            Despitesome of the heaviest tax rates in the country and decades of Albany’s tax-and-spend culture, Gov. Cuomo intends to add yet another tax onto the backs of struggling businesses, families and communities. In this year’s budget proposal, the governor intends to require websites to collect taxes on behalf of out-of-state sellers and New York-based buyers. Unfortunately, these taxes fund programs and sprawling bureaucracies that have proven ineffective andoverly expensive. As the price tag for failed programs like START-UP NY reaches the hundreds of millions, it is evident the governor’s plan to fund politically connected businesses and industries with taxpayer dollars is not a viable model for growth.


While it is not impossible to reverse this trend, itwill require a concerted effort to implement proven, pro-business policies that lift the tax and regulatory restraints on our businesses.As the backbone of our economy, small businesses are responsible for most new hiring, and policies that strain their growth are inconsistent with the needs of our people. This also requires reexamining the government’s growth and lavish spending.


While government is a team effort, the era of big government in New York continues to take a toll on our state’s budget. The taxpayers are not the government’s personal piggy bank and their money must be used efficiently. Aradical redirection like this may well be difficult butit will inevitably foster an environment that supports new hiring, new revenue into our communities and will make New York State truly open for business.


Assemblyman Castorina represents the 62nd District, which consists of parts of Richmond County. For more information,please visit Assemblyman Castorina’s Official Website

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