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Malliotakis Term in Review: 7,496 Cases Closed, Over $72 Million Returned to NY-11

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 Дата: 19.10.2022 08:55

 Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11) today released the following statement and attached report card recapping her first term in office representing New York's 11th Congressional District:

“During my first term in Congress, my office has helped thousands of constituents caught up in red tape and bureaucracy expedite hundreds of passports, make the honorable step of becoming legal U.S. citizens, and obtain over $36 million in money owed to them from the federal government. Not only this, but we've been able to deliver over $36 million to local organizations that include the NYPD for new forensic and protective equipment, our local hospitals to finish the construction of new wings, the Staten Island Ferry to modernize our fleet and keep our ferries running on time, and the U.S. Coast Guard Sector New York so it can upgrade housing for our Coasties. To put this into perspective, our office has been able to bring home four times as many federal dollars as my predecessor which directly benefits the hardworking men and women of Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn. My first term in Congress has been nothing short of productive and I'm looking forward to building on these successes in a Republican-led Congress come January."
Malliotakis' achievements can be found below:
In Malliotakis' first term:
  • 7,496 constituent cases resolved
  • 76,079 constituent responses sent
  • 862 passports issued
  • 398 visas & green cards issued
  • 78 new U.S. citizens
  • Secured appropriations, federal grants, and misc. funding for:
  • Richmond University Medical Center
  • College of Staten Island
  • Staten Island University Hospital
  • New York City Police Department
  • U.S. Coast Guard Sector New York
  • Staten Island Ferry
  • Central Family Life Center YouthBuild
  • NYC Health + Hospital/Coney Island
  • St. George's Theatre
  • Sephardic Community Youth Center
Total amount of money returned to constituents: $72,626,656
  • Helped 94 businesses secure $32,085,573 from the Small Business Administration.
  • Assisted more than 322 constituents in securing $1,642,331 in unemployment assistance from the Department of Labor.
  • Assisted more than 305 constituents in securing $1,462,983 from federal tax refunds and stimulus checks from the Department of Treasury.
  • Social Security Administration: $1,006,214
  • Office of Personnel Management: $257,983
  • Appropriations, Federal Grants, and Misc. Funds: $36,171,572
  • 35 bills introduced
  • 309 bills cosponsored
  • 41 bills cosponsored passed House
  • 15 bills cosponsored signed into law
  • Introduced legislation to deter local governments from defunding their police departments.
  • Introduced a resolution condemning efforts to defund, dismantle, or abolish the police.
  • Introduced legislation to hold states with lax bail laws accountable and require that bail laws provide judges with discretion.
  • Introduced legislation requiring the Biden Administration to disclose criminal histories of those who enter our country illegally.
  • Introduced bipartisan legislation that would audit the MTA and prohibit USDOT from implementing congestion pricing until certain criteria are met.
  • Introduced legislation to hold NYCHA accountable & provide transparency to ensure residents can live in dignity.
  • Introduced language securing catch-up payments for 9/11 widows and children through the USVSST (passed House on September 30, 2022).
  • Voted to pass legislation to expand health care services to veterans exposed to toxic substances during military service.
  • Voted to pass two amendments to redirect funding from the Commission that recommended the closure of NYC's VA hospitals.
  • Cosponsored legislation requiring the VA to provide service dogs to veterans with PTSD (signed into law on August 25, 2021). 

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