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Как русскоязычная община Бруклина взращивает воров

Дата: 01/10/2018 17:10

В этой статье много знакомых имен и очень много непонятного.

Совсем недавно русскоязычная пресса обсуждала поездку к Путину депутата ассамблеи Памелы Харрисон и сенатора Дайян Савино. Туристы заявляли, что ездили на свои кровные, во что теперь, после ареста Харрисон, верится с трудом. А если честно - то совсем не верится.

Теперь на горизонте появляется представитель русскоязычной общины в горсовете Нью-Йорка Марк Трейгер, протеже радио "Дэвидсон", который выделяет 200,000 долларов  проворовавшейся  депутату  ассамблеи Памеле Харрисон (кстати, тоже протеже радио "Дэвидсон"), и никогда не интересуется - Куда эти деньги ушли?!Вы в такое верите?

При том, что ничего подобного русскоязычной общине депутат Трейгер никогда не выделял.

Есть во всей этой истории и немного позитива: те, кто привёз к Путину аферистов (Антон Карпов & Ольга Зацепина),  чувствуют себя   сегодня наверное не лучше Харрисон.

Nonprofit in fraud case got nearly $200K from Brooklyn pol

Much of the public money Assemblywoman Pamela Harris is accused of stealing came from Councilman Mark Treyger

Councilman Mark Treyger
Funds allocated by Councilman Mark Treyger were allegedly misused by a Brooklyn assemblywoman.

The councilman who helped put a now-indicted assemblywoman into office also pumped nearly $190,000 of taxpayer money into her community group.

Councilman Mark Treyger allocated funds from several pots to a nonprofit led by Pamela Harris, who joined the Legislature in 2015 with support from him and other Brooklyn politicians.

Harris was hit with federal charges Tuesday for allegedly pocketing public cash intended for her organization, Coney Island Generation Gap, and spending it on her mortgage, underwear and trips for herself and her husband. Much of it appears to have come from Treyger's disbursement of discretionary money.

Since taking office in 2014, Treyger has ladled $161,705 in "member items"—funds that council members can send to community purposes of their choosing—on Coney Island Generation Gap. Since he became co-chair of the council's Brooklyn delegation in 2015, the borough's council members have allocated Harris's organization $26,250 from their collective pot of city funds. The money was designated mainly for youth and digital literacy programs.

Treyger has also given the group nearly $3,000 from his campaign account since 2013 for "community events," disclosure reports show. The councilman has not been accused of any wrongdoing and there is nothing to indicate that he knew how Harris was using the money he provided.

The councilman's office declined to directly address his allocations to Harris's nonprofit.

"The allegations against Assemblywoman Harris are serious and troubling, and are deeply disappointing if true," said spokesman Aaron Hecht. "Any breach of the public trust is a serious offense and must be fully investigated."

According to the federal documents, Harris's embezzlement began when she received $58,570 in discretionary funds in August 2014 from the budget for the upcoming fiscal year—the first budget over which Treyger had any influence ($38,750 of that came from the Brooklyn delegation, which Treyger did not yet lead; the remainder came from the councilman's discretionary funds).

This marked an enormous increase from the previous year, when Generation Gap received just $20,000 from then-Speaker Christine Quinn's pot, and before the Federal Bureau of Investigation claims Harris began stealing from the group.

The feds maintain Harris forged a "studio rental agreement" for a space for arts performances, while a lackey diverted the money to Harris for "her personal use," setting a pattern for the scheme she is accused of running for several years.

In 2015, Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny resigned in mid-term to take a job with a medical lab, one which would later tie him up in Medicaid fraud charges. Treyger, along with his mentor Assemblyman William Colton and their ally state Sen. Diane Savino, triumphed in a backroom political battle to secure Harris the Democratic line in the subsequent special election.

Rumors and accusations about Harris's nonprofit swirled during the race, but that did not stop her from dispatching her Republican foe and becoming the assemblywoman for Coney Island, Sea Gate and parts of Bay Ridge, Brighton Beach and Dyker Heights. She is the only black lawmaker in New York City representing a majority white district.

In 2016 Treyger became the Democratic state committeeman in Harris's district.

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