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Нью-Йорк - город проституток и нелегалов

Дата: 06/22/2019 01:36

Нью-Йоркский журналист Игорь Бабошкин о проблемах города и общества 

Dear Friend,

As many of you know, a new law was signed Monday to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Then, yesterday, on the last day of session, the Democrats attempted to slip in a bill that would automatically register driver's license applicants to vote. But, my colleagues and I exposed how the bill would have led to illegal immigrants being automatically registered to vote as well. We stood up, pushed back and got the bill removed from the Assembly's agenda, even after it had already passed the Senate.

I am proud to say that we stopped this dangerous bill that would have jeopardized our election system.

This demonstrates that when you stand up and fight for what's right you can make a difference and in this case it was preserving the votes of our citizens and the integrity of our elections.

Nicole Malliotakis  Assemblywoman

Upstate NY clerks refuse to grant illegal immigrants driver’s licenses

By Tamar Lapin

Some upstate New York county clerks are taking a stand against the state’s controversial new law granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Clerks in Erie, Rensselaer, Niagara and Allegany counties have said they won’t be handing out the licenses, despite the legislation signed Monday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Erie County Clerk Michael Kerns said he believes the Green Light Bill, which passed the state Senate 33-29, conflicts with federal policy — and is ready to go to court with his concerns.

“In the memo of the bill, they talk about the reason why they’re passing this bill is to make sure that people who are here illegally can get to and from work,” Kerns said. “It is illegal to hire people in the state of New York or anywhere that are here illegally.

“There’s an inconsistency there.”

Buffalo-area motor vehicle agencies will instead direct applicants believed to be in the country illegally to the state-run auto bureau in Syracuse, about two hours away, Kerns said.

The county clerk said he knows the governor can strip him of his position.

Cuomo’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

State Attorney General Letitia James has said her office is prepared to defend the measure if it is challenged in court.

It’s unclear what the potential sanctions are for clerks who don’t enforce state law.

The law goes into effect in six months.

With Post wires


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