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Relief could soon be on the way for Staten Islanders who take the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was on Staten Island Thursday afternoon to announce the new effective cost of the toll will drop to $5.50 for Staten Island residents in non-commercial vehicles.

Currently, Staten Island E-ZPass users pay between $6 and $6.36 per trip, depending on how often they use the bridge. 


“On a household basis, the $5.50 toll is going to make a significant difference,” said Cuomo. “You have some families where the toll bill here is hundreds of dollars per month.”

Gov. Cuomo announced commercial vehicles with E-ZPass that make more than 10 trips over the span per month will get a 20 percent discount.


The current toll of $15 in cash or $10.66 with E-ZPass for non-Staten Island residents will remain in place.

About 183,000 vehicles cross the span, which connects Brooklyn and Staten Island, each day, according to the governor’s office.


The state legislature and the MTA will cover the cost of the $14 million deal.


The toll drop could go into effect April 1 if it’s approved by the MTA board. The proposal is expected to be approved at a meeting later this month.

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