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Member Spotlight - TMK IPSCO

TMK IPSCO is an industry leader, combining state-of-the-art technology, top-notch talent, and powerful manufacturing capabilities to create and deliver a broad range of innovative tubular products.
It is one of the largest North American producers of welded and seamless pipe and premium connections dedicated to serving the oil and gas industry and many industrial markets - they have first-rate facilities strategically located in key energy producing areas.

TMK IPSCO, the American division of Russia's TMK, was formed in June 2008 when TMK purchased ten pipe-manufacturing facilities from SSAB, a Swedish steel company that had acquired Chicago-based IPSCO a year earlier in 2007. Previously, Interprovincial Steel and Pipe Corp, IPSCO's origins can be traced back to 1956 when its predecessor, Prairie Pipe Manufacturing Co., was established in Regina, Saskatchewan to meet western Canadian demand for welded line pipe.

Visit TMK IPSCO website for more information

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