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Mayor announces landfill health study at town hall with South Shore residents

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 Дата: 13.12.2017 03:17
Автор: Igor Baboshkin, photo by Edward Amchislavskiy

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- From the borough's deadly drug crisis to the need for a South Shore fast ferry stop, Staten Island residents peppered Mayor Bill de Blasio with dozens of questions at his town hall meeting Tuesday night in New Springville.

After being introduced by South Shore GOP Councilman Joseph Borelli and welcomed by other Island elected officials, the mayor outlined his list of achievements for the borough, including a record number of lane miles of paved roads and expansion of the universal Pre-K program.

Councilman Joseph Borelli

Then, he announced a $350,000 study to look at the effects of the Fresh Kills Landfill on residents' health, specifically asthma, after several requests from Borelli.

The study will begin immediately and will wrap up by the end of 2018.

He also announced that Seaside Wildlife Nature Park -- also known as Pirate Park -- will receive $6 million for a bathroom that it does not currently have.

He then took questions from a surprisingly small crowd -- approximately 250 people -- compared to his last town hall in April. Prior to the beginning of the town hall, staffers removed rows of folding chairs.