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D.A.'s advice on IRS scammers: Just hang up

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 Дата: 29.02.2016 12:29
Автор: Nicholas Woodman

 Photo: District Attorney Michael McMahon notes that the IRS will never ask to settle outstanding taxes without sending a notice in the mail first.  (Photo courtesy of the Richmond County District Attorney's office)

District Attorney Michael E. McMahon warned Staten Islanders Monday not to fall for the growing wave of bogus phone calls from individuals posing as IRS agents looking to collect tax debts.

The scam usually involves an autodialed call from an unknown individual. The scammer will generally use Caller ID spoofing software to disguise their real phone number and alter their voice.

Scammers may also use phishing emails, which trick targets into providing personal information and financial data by posing as legitimate websites.

Although spoofing technology has prevented law enforcement from tracing the origin of these calls, McMahon encourages the public to notify the District Attorney's office at 718-876-6300 to report any repeat scam calls or changing patterns.

"The best way to combat this scam is to immediately hang up and provide no information," said McMahon. "Remember, the IRS would never call to demand that outstanding taxes be settled with a credit card payment. Additionally, the IRS will first send a tax bill in the mail. And, most importantly, an IRS agent would never threaten to arrest you over the phone."

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